Summer Rain

Thursday, Jul 19th 2018 - 8:00pm
Price: Fri entré
Arranged by: Helsinge Kirke

Music for the summer time: Summer rain, yes perhaps, but maybe also summer sunshine? Infatuation? Vacation? Birds and butterflies? The overall mood is one of lightheartedness! But with occasional detours into more gloomy affects. 



Gerald Finzi (1901-1956) My spirit sang all day
Clear and gentle stream
John Wilbye (1574-1638) Sweet honey-sucking bees
Adieu sweet Amaryllis
Thus saith my Cloris bright
Paul Hillier (b1949) To See a World
Moira Smiley (b1977) Time of Our Voices
Vagn Holmboe (1909-1996) Two Border Ballads
Per Nørgård (b1932) Jeg hører regnen
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (1932-2016) May in the Greenwood
John Wilbye Draw on sweet night