To Swim in Sound

Sunday, Feb 7th 2016 - 4:00pm
Price: 120,- / Stud. 50,-
Arranged by: Ars Nova Copenhagen

Two of Denmark's most prominent ensembles in contemporary music have come together for a sonority flood.

Per Nørgård's "Singe Die Gärten, Mein Herz, die you nicht Kennst" from 1974 with text by Rainer Marie Rilke is shaped like a process in which every musical moment at the same time contains a remnant of the past and a glimpse of the future - from that general view, which is summarized in the Rilke-sonnet's words: 'Fühl, dass der ganze, der rühmliche Teppisch gemeint ist'.

Ole Buck's "Naacal" is a first performance written for the two ensembles. Buck's style is characterized by "poetic concretistic minimalism". Concretistic because the music is formed by few notes and simple rules, poetic because Buck at the same time manage to create life and development with the limited means.

Ars Nova performs on their own two works by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. Her distinctive rich polyphonic structures are often created by combining live music and electronics, as is the case in Echo! (2007) and Tag des Jahres (2001).

Athelas performs "Bells and Waves" (2010) by Swedish composer Benjamin Staerns. Staern has an unusual ability to associate notes and sounds with different colors and shades, a kind of synaesthesia, which is fundamental to his way of understanding and composing music. 


Per Nørgård Singe die Gärten
Benjamin Staern Bells and Waves
Kaija Saariaho Echo!
Tag des Jahrs
Ole Buck naacal