Edinburgh Festival

Fredag den 24. august 2007 kl. 20:00
Arrangeret af: Edinburgh Festival


John Taverner Kyrie Leroy
  Gloria from Western Wind Mass
Anonym, 14. årh. Gabriel fram heven king (TOV)
John Taverner Credo from WWM
Anonym, 14. årh. Edi beo thu (TOV)
Thomas Tallis Salvator Mundi
John Taverner Sactus from WWM
Anonym, 14. årh. Stond wel moder under roode (TOV)
John Taverner Agnus Dei from WWM
Christopher Tye In pace
Extra: Parsons Ave Maria


  • Edinburgh Festival 2007

    Taverner composed both in Latin and English - prudently, it was said, because changes in monarch could bring reversions to the Roman rite. Infiltrated with old English interludes, Hillier's glowing, energetic performance, sung not only by his own ensemble, but by Ars Nova Copenhagen and sometimes by himself, was radiantly sustained and keenly controlled in acoustics for which it seemed impressively geared.

    The Edinburgh Herald