Minimal Roots

Sunday, Feb 19th 2012 - 7:30pm
Arranged by: Ars Nova Copenhagen

A celebration of minimalism and its roots in Dada, Fluxus, and the work of John Cage. Weird and wonderful works by the early 60s Fluxus group; Kneeplays from Philip Glass' opera Einstein on the Beach; world premiere of a new work by Steve Martland; and our own candle-lit version of Terry Riley's masterpiece In C


PRELUDE "once upon a time"
  readings by Gertrude Stein, Kurt Schwitters & John Cage
ACT ONE - FLUXGLASS "yesterday evening" 
LaMonte Young Composition 1960 #7
LaMonte Young Poem, for chairs, table, benches etc (1960)
Philip Glass Kneeplay 1 from 'Einstein on the Beach'
Jackson Mac Low The Bluebird Assymetries
Philip Glass   Kneeplay 3 from 'Einstein on the Beach'
Dick Higgins  hank and mary, a love story, a chorale
Emmett Williams Genesis
intermission "a little while"
ACT TWO "the following morning"
Steve Martland Sea Songs, world premiere
Pause "as before"
ACT THREE "that night"
Terry Riley In C – by candle light