Minimal Roots

Saturday, Mar 24th 2012 - 6:00pm
Arranged by: Glasgow Life

March 23-25 Ars Nova and Paul Hillier perform at concerts during the festival 'Minimal Extreme' in Glasgow.


LaMonte Young Composition 1960, #7
Phlip Glass Kneeplay 1 from "Einstein on the Beach"
Edwin Morgan 14 variations on 14 words
Phlip Glass Kneeplay 2 from "Einstein on the Beach"
Jackson Mac Low The Bluebird Assymetries
Phlip Glass Kneeplay 3 from "Einstein on the Beach"
Dick Higgins  hank and mary, a love story, a chorale
Phlip Glass Kneeplay 4 from "Einstein on the Beach"
Emmett Williams Genesis
Phlip Glass Kneeplay 5 from "Einstein on the Beach"