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The 500 years that separate Renaissance master Johannes Ockeghem (c. 1410-97) and Danish composer Bent Sørensen (b. 1958) seem to disappear in this extraordinary Requiem which is a totality integrated both dramatically and musically; a work that unites the stylistic contrasts in a mode of expression that seems at once timeless and entirely present. The project has been initiated by conductor Paul Hillier and interpreted by his GRAMMY-winning ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen.

Bent Sørensen (b. 1958) Responsorium: Memento mei Deis
Johannes Ockeghem (c. 1410-97) Introitus
Johannes Ockeghem Kyrie
Bent Sørensen

     a) Rex tremendae (plain chant)
     b) Recordare Jesu pie
     c) Juste judex (plain chant)
     d) Lacrimosa

Johannes Ockeghem Graduale
Johannes Ockeghem Tractus
Sørensen/Ockeghem/Monteverdi Sanctus - Benedictus
Plain chant Agnus Dei
Johannes Ockeghem Offertorium
Bent Sørensen In Paradisum
  • ...a wide range of skills.

    A unique form of the Requiem Mass, of great interest to collectors of choral music, and a totally immersive sonic experience. Enthusiastically recommended.