Echoes - NJORD Biennalen

Monday, Feb 1st 2016 - 8:00pm
Price: 150,- / Stud. 75,-

NJORD's finale concert is a cornucopia of voices, electronics and visuals.

Prize-winning vocal ensembles Ars Nova Copenhagen and Theatre of Voices will delve into the organic and expressive tonal images of Kaija Saariaho.

Ars Nova's interpretations of contemporary vocal music are performed with precision and nerve and with a sound that has attracted attention from all over the world. Grammy winning Theatre of Voices is one of the most distinguished vocal ensembles in Europe and is known to perform with great artistic and technical ability. A night with both ensembles on stage will be a night of enchanted echoes throughout.

Under the title ’Echoes’ the night also offers a grand multi-media show for eight singers, electronics and video. Saariaho herself will be behind the electronic compositions while the artist Jean-Baptiste Barrière will create live visuals. The visual qualities of the music is enhanced by letting video art function as a combination of the poetic narrative that has inspired the compositions, visual expressions of musical structures and imaginative play.

Before the concert Kaija Saariaho and Jean-Baptiste Barrière will host an artist talk on the subject of the meeting between music and visuals.

After the concert NJORD Biennale and Edition Wilhelm Hansen will offer a complimentary glass of sparkling wine.


19.15 Pre-concert talk v. Kaija Saariaho and Jean-Baptiste Barrière

20.00 Echoes

21.30 Finissage and bubbly


Kaija Saariaho Écho ! (2007) ANC
Kaija Saariaho Lonh (1995-1996) TOV
Kaija Saariaho Nuits, Adieux… (1991-2007) TOV
Kaija Saariaho From the Grammar of Dreams (1988) TOV
Kaija Saariaho Tag des Jahrs (2001 - arr: Rachid Safir 2006) ANC