Henry Purcell (1659-1695): The Voice of the Turtle

Søndag den 27. april 2008 kl. 16:00
Arrangeret af: Ars Nova Copenhagen


Suite from Dioclesian
First Music – Second music – Dance of the furies  – Symphony – Paspe – Jig
O sing unto the Lord
O sing unto the Lord (Psalm 96)
Suite fra Abdelazar
Ouverture – Rondeau – Air – Minuet – Hornpipe – Bouree 
The God of Music
A New Ground (Musick's Hand-Maid)
Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes mei (Pslam 3)
The Triumphing Dance
Triumphing Dance (Dido & Æneas)
Menuet for twelve (Josiah Priest)
Triumph, victorious Love (Dioclesian)
The voice of the Turtle
Chaconne: Two in one upon a ground (Dioclesian)
My beloved Spake
Suite in F-major
Ouverture – Hornpipes – Minuet – Scotch Tune
The Soldier's Song
From 'The Knight of Malta'
Blow up the trumpet
Canon à 7: God is gone up (Psalm 47)
Blow up the Trumpet (Psalm 81)
Coronation Anthem: My heart is inditing (Psalm 45)